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17th Nov 2021

Aldi have started selling one of our fave childhood toys

Katy Thornton

Oh, who’s that on the phone? It’s nostalgia calling!

Christmas is only 38 days out, and preparations for the big day are well underway. Not the least of which is getting all our Christmas gifts for loved ones. It can be hard to know what to get the kids these days. Well, how about something that’s been tried-and-true for years?

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Aldi is set to sell Sylvanian Families in their stores over the Christmas period. On site they have Treetop Koalas, Sunny Rabbits, and Snow Rabbits for sale, and the best part? They’re only selling for €11.99 per family. This is an elite Christmas gift that will not break the bank, and we low-key want to buy some for ourselves too. You know, just for nostalgia’s sake. No other reason…

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These special buy items go on sale from Thursday the 18th November.

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