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08th Jan 2021

An Post manage to deliver letter to Clare from Australia despite hilarious address

Rory Cashin

“Just get this to East Clare and they will know who I am on about.”

Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder for letters to not end up where they are supposed, thanks to Eircode and the likes.

In fact, the only way they wouldn’t arrive at their destination is if you make it as difficult as possible for the delivery services to actually decipher the address, which is exactly what has happened here, and still, An Post successfully managed to get the letter to where it was going.

The address on the letter is as follows:

That lad who studied commerce in NUIG who used to be in TradSoc, played in the Crane on Tuesdays, lives in Dublin now for the past few years, see him on Facebook a lot with dinosaur costume,

Tulla…. or perhaps Feakle?

Anyhow, just get this to East Clare and they will know who I am on about,


If any postal worker told us they simply threw that into the bin, we wouldn’t question it for a second, but that is not what happened here!

Speaking to Lovin, Gearoid told us that he and his friend Anthony McTigue in Australia have been doing this for quite a while now:

“It’s an annual challenge myself and a friend have each year where we challenge the people in An Post, not nationally but internationally. Going for the past five years, we send vaguely addressed Christmas cards to one and other to see if they reach their destination. That one has come from Australia via help from a local person who works in a nearby office.”

Indeed, the letter arrives with the attached note from that post office worker:

“”Gearoid, This was given to me in Tulla by the postman saying I might know who it’s for. I’m guessing its for you…”

Main image via Twitter/@sQueezeboxkelly

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