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18th Aug 2022

Artane, Cabra and Limerick are all paint names at B&Q UK

Fiona Frawley

tub of paint in a bright green shade labelled "cabra"

10 litres of Cabra there please, pal.

Have you ever perused the paint section at your local DIY shop and wonder how they come up with the paint names?

Some are standard enough. Soft beige for a soft beige. Ballet slipper for a light pink. Brilliant white for a… you get the picture.

You might even see the odd place name sprinkled in, perhaps a Parisian Grey or a subtle shade of cream called Oklahoma.

What I didn’t see coming was a selection of greens named Artane, Cabra and Limerick, with an alarming shade of yellow dubbed Galway thrown in for good measure.

As discovered by Irish pop icon CMAT at B&Q Brighton, the store have a selection of paints named after Irish places.

To be fair, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a matt emulsion named something flowery like Shannon or Kerry, but Artane and Clontarf? As someone in the comments suggests, it sounds like they just went around a conference room asking everyone where their granny was from.

If you’re interested, these shades are genuinely for sale on the B&Q website, along with the likes of ‘Princeton’ and ‘North Pole’.

Side note – Artane really comes to life on the walls of this kitchen diner.

As highlighted in the comments, some place names have sadly been snubbed. Where’s Walkinsbrown? Cabin-teal-y? If your hometown was a colour (0ther than the bold hues of the local GAA team), what would it be? Would you paint your kitchen in its honour? Let us know – maybe we can draft up more suggestions for B&Q.

Header image via B&Q

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