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07th Jan 2018

This New Cent Challenge Is A Genius Way To Save Cash In 2019


We’re seriously broke, and fed up with it.

Yep, it’s enough to make us rethink how much we spent at Christmas – and perhaps adopt some sort of saving plan so we don’t make the same mistake in 2019.

So this money saving challenge from UK site Play Pennies is totes for us.

The parenting site has challenged its readers to put away an extra penny (or cent, in our case) every day of 2019.

It works by putting one cent away on the first day – then and adding an extra cent for each of the following days of the year.

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By the time you get to the final day, you’re only going to have missed €3.65 – but the total amount saved in a year will be a hefty €667.95.

We’re pretty sure we can manage this…