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16th Feb 2022

Cork and Galway amongst the Best 30 Student Cities in the world

Katy Thornton

Cork and Galway know how to show students a good time.

In a Camp Advisor survey, the best 30 student cities were revealed, with not one, but two Irish representatives. Cork ranked 22nd on the list of best student cities, while Galway ranked 24th.

12,164 students were surveyed in total, and given these parameters to make their choice: student friendliness, cost of living, nightlife, public transport, amenities, safety, as well as personal opinions from current students.

The number one city for students was Melbourne, Australia, followed by Newcastle, United Kingdom in second place, and then Seoul, South Korea in third. The city that ranked fourth was Vienna, Austria, and in fifth came Montreal, Canada.


Cork City ranked 22nd in the best cities survey, achieving a score of 4.19/5. The survey results showed it ranked best in Student Friendliness (4.69/5) and Nightlife (4.63/5). Notably, 100% of students who reviewed Cork said they recommended it for student living. 100% of these students also said there was a good variety of food spots as well as bars to enjoy. 91.7% also said that Cork city has ample job opportunities for incoming students.


Galway came in at 24th on the list of the best 30 student cities, with a score of 4.14/5. Like Cork, it ranked highly in Student Friendliness (4.64/5) and Nightlife (4.62/5). 100% students also recommended Galway as a great place for student living; it actually ranked higher than Cork when it came to having a diverse population (100% said it did while only 75% Cork surveyors said the same). Galway was also thought to have more cultural experiences with 100% of its surveyors saying it did, while only 83.3% of Cork’s said the same of Cork city.

galway city

Both cities fell down in areas such as cost of living (Cork received a 3.25/5 while Galway received a 3.4/5) and public transport (Cork with 3.84/5 and Galway with 3.75/5). Their nightlife and overall student friendliness is what got them their high rankings. You can check out the entire ratings list HERE. We feel honoured to have Galway and Cork included in the best student cities, ahead of places like Madrid, Amsterdam, and San Diego.

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