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06th Oct 2023

30% of Irish dog owners allow their pets to sleep in bed with them

Fiona Frawley

dog sleep in bed

Where does your doggo sleep at night?

Dog owners all over Ireland likely know the journey of bringing your pup home and brazenly announcing they’ll sleep politely in their crate in the living room each night, content with a Youtube compilation of Anxiety Reducing Music For Dogs! playing on a loop or a ticking clock wrapped up in a blanket to replicate their mothers heartbeat. Cut to a month later, and your dog takes up more room in the bed than you, everything is covered in hair and you’re singing lullabies acapella to ensure they have a thoroughly restful snooze.

Just me?

According to research from Petmania, 30% of Irish family dogs stretch out and sleep in their owners bed each night, with 11% claiming a cosy corner of the sofa. The pet expert’s research also indicated that  62% of pet owners believe getting a pet has reduced their levels of stress and anxiety.

More than two thirds of the Irish pet-owning population added a pet to their homes for reasons of companionship and friendship, while almost 20% got a pet to help increase their own personal levels of fitness.

The survey, conducted in August 2023 also indicated that almost one quarter of Irish pet owners would love to take their pet to work with them, if they had the option, but just 4% of respondents were currently  allowed their pets in the workplace.

The research also indicated that more Irish households include dogs rather than cats, with 81% of homes having a dog versus 29% having a cat – and almost 20% having both.

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