Here Are 7 Drinks to AVOID If You Don't Want A Hangover The Next Day

By Darragh Berry

May 6, 2019 at 11:45am

Here Are 7 Drinks to AVOID If You Don't Want A Hangover The Next Day

How many times have you woke up on a Sunday morning (or a random Tuesday) and thought, 'never again'.

I'm not touching a drop again in my lifetime. Chalk it down, right here, right now. I'm done with the alcohol.

The hangover is always the not-so-nice ending to being out on the lash but experts have revealed that if you do go on a night out but don't want a hangover, then these are the drinks you should avoid at all costs.

Registered Dietitian and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, Tory Tedrow, told Bustle that these are the drinks you shouldn't even take a second glance at, at the bar.

Take it away Tones.

1. Tropical Drinks - Cocktails will "typically include multiple alcohols whose flavors are masked by sweeteners making them easy to suck down," which causes you to drink more

2.  Cheap Liquors - "You get what you pay for".

3.  Dark Liquors -  "Stick to lighter liquors like vodka to lessen hangovers."

4.  Red Wine - enough said.

5.  Champagne - "Champagne is also connected to hangovers because of the carbon dioxide that is pumped into the champagne to cause the bubbles. The carbon dioxide causes the alcohol to be quickly absorbed into the blood stream, faster than other drinks."

6. Sugary Mixers - "Mixers such as sodas or sweetened juices are loaded with sugars, which alone can make you feel bad. But the combo of alcohol and excess sugar can really make you feel terrible the next morning. Stick with low sugar mixers like soda water or a splash of lime juice to feel your best."

7. Caffeinated Drinks - Three words: Vodka. Red. Bull. Stay well clear. 

"You have depressant and a stimulant together in the body, and that often causes the drinker to drink a lot more and for longer." You might feel alive at night, but you'll be zapped of energy in the morning.

They conclude that the best way to limit a hangover is to drink less but choosing the right drinks does make a difference also. 

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