Ever wondered what Irish food and drink tourists struggle to pronounce the most?

By Katy Thornton

November 22, 2022 at 3:46pm


Ireland has some difficult enough dishes when it comes to pronunciation.


Research done by Word Tips found the most mispronounced words from each country, and Ireland's entries may shock you. It turns out that Goody is the most mispronounced dish of Irish origin.

They discovered this by analysing the number of listens on the pronunciation dictionary Frovo to find which people are searching for the most.

Image via NeoNam Studios via Word Tips



And as for the drink that people scratch their head over? Baileys. I can think of at least five words that are more difficult to pronounce than these ones, but hey, being Irish, maybe that's not for me to say. (Although I would have thought poitín was a real head scratcher).

The most mispronounced food item overall is chorizo, gathering over 22 million listens, whilst people also struggle to say rioja and hummus. Given how it's spelt differently depending on which country you get it from, we understand the ambiguity around hummus.

You can read Word Tip's research on the most mispronounced food and drinks around the world HERE.

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