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18th Oct 2018

A Hollywood Make-Up Artist Says This Is What Irish Girls Are Doing Wrong…


Let’s face it. We’re quite fond of a small bit of make-up. Just a ‘bit‘, now.

Some of us spend ages perfecting our look for a night out and some scramble to put theirface on when on the bus into work. And while we all love when there’s a sale on our favourite make-up brands, sometimes many of us just don’t understand our obsession.

James Vincent, a make-up artist, has done the faces of many huge celebrities including the likes of Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Love and Barack Obama. What!?

He’s an expert, there’s no doubt about it, and the top Hollywood Make-Up Artist for the stars has revealed what he thinks us Irish are doing wrong when it comes to applying our make-up.

What is it?

Apparently it’s down to our foundation. He said that Irish women wear it shades WAY too dark for our skin tones.

He said in an interview, “When I first moved to Ireland it was very surprising to me that women wore their foundation four or five shades too dark.”

It can be difficult to get our shades right, especially when a lot of us have pale Irish skin that even the lightest foundations don’t seem to match. Sigh.

James said that everyone is starting to ‘look alike’ and that we should embrace our individuality.

He said, “The thing that is strange to me is that everyone starts to look alike, I just walked through the department store on the way here and everyone has the same face.

“I think if you look at Dublin right now, the brow is very specific, the bronzer is very specific, and it creates a look where people start to look similar. That’s why I say individuality is really what it should be all about.”

Interesting. Do you agree?

You can watch the full interview below from Today FM’s YouTube channel.

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