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27th Mar 2019

Apparently This Is The Age When You Are ‘Too Old’ To Wear A Hoodie


Hoodies are an absolute saviour when you can’t decide what to wear or the weather is a bit in-betweeny.

But there is an age when we should really stop wearing them according to findings published in the UK’s Daily Star.

It turns out 26 is the age we should re-evaluate our hoodies.

The survey was conducted by fashion website Style Compare and found that one in five of people aged 18 – 24 already feel too old to wear a hoodie, while over half of people aged 55 or over wouldn’t consider wearing one.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed don’t think any grown up should be seen in one.

Jonny Challenger who is the founder of Style Compare said, “hoodies are often used to portray adults dressing younger than they should, but anyone no matter what their age, can make a hoodie look great”.

They’re suuuuper comfy and tbh, I’ll be wearing mine for years to come.

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