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10th Oct 2018

Cult Skincare Brand Could Be Closing Down After The Founder Posts A Bizzare Video Online


We may not be able to get our hands on cult Skincare Brand ‘The Ordinary’ for much longer after the founder announced it was closing the umbrella company, Deciem, yesterday on Twitter.

Deciem Founder Brandon Trauxe posted a bizarre video on Instagram yesterday saying they would be closing down effective immediately alleging everyone in Deciem was involved in “major criminal activity” which includes “major financial activity”.

The video also had a lengthy incoherent caption which called out several celebrities including George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Deciem is the umbrella company of popular skincare brands such as ‘The Ordinary, Hylamide and NIOD which are famous for their affordability.

In the video, Trauxe said, “We will shut down all operations effective immediately. We have two months. Please take me seriously.”

“You have no idea what a soldier I have been over 13 years. I have been made fun of as a porn actor and as a fucking drug dealer and everything for 13 years. It’s all ending now.

A leaked letter email was shared with Cosmopolitan UK which appeared to be from Trauxe instructing all stores to close and reopen in 2019 except for the one in Spitalfields market.

“Please close all UK stores except the one near Spit-a-Field Mark iT [sic] as of immediately and until February 2019.”

Trauxe dismissed Deciem’s entire marketing team in January and has been posting the company’s official Instagram page since then.

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