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23rd Feb 2018

“My Lips Have Never Been More Kissable Thanks To This €1.50 Lip Patch”


Face masks have long been a weekly staple in many women’s beauty regimes, and there’s one for everything from large pores to oiliness. 

But what about our poor neglected lips? In my case I don’t usually make much of an effort, coating them with some Carmex before I go to bed and maybe scrubbing them with an old toothbrush if they need exfoliating.

That was until I spotted a cranberry lip patch in the beauty section of Penneys – for the seductive price of €1.50. 

Img 6465

I couldn’t resist, so I threw it in my basket with the pairs of tights, scarves and other things I had never intended to buy. 

My lips were very dry and cracked from the cold weather so I decided to use it as soon as I got home. You aren’t supposed to put it on if you have cracked lips, but what can I say, I’m a rebel.

I cleaned my face well and tied my hair back before opening the packet.

The patch was really slippery and had come unstuck from the plastic so I nearly dropped it on the ground, but I finally got it onto my lips. 

It wasn’t as big as some others brands I’ve seen – check out Emma Stone’s huge one below – but it covered my mouth, which is all I needed really. 

Because this patch falls off quite easily, I wouldn’t put this on if you’re planning to potter around the house or do the dishes or anything – and you obviously can’t talk while you’re wearing it. 

I decided to stick on a TV show and lie on my bed, leaving it for half an hour instead of the 15 minutes recommended in the instructions. 

I didn’t notice much of different right away, but the next day my lips were miles plumper and softer. 

A week later, they’re still smooth, hydrated and kissable.

I’ll definitely be picking up this beauty bargain again – Kylie Jenner watch your back! 

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