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01st Jan 2020

These gorgeous earrings have the most hilarious Irish names

Sarah Finnan

New jewellery is always nice. New jewellery with a funny name is nicer.

Created by Aoife Stapleton, they’re named after the Irish word ‘Clé’ meaning ‘left’. Made with pure Irishness at its core,  each set of earrings also has a gas Irish name.


The ‘bacon and cabbage’ earrings: not quite good enough to eat, but far more fashionable.

The ‘spice bag’ earrings, my personal favourites.

The ‘real grá’ earrings…gift these to someone you love and they’ll do the talking for you.

The ‘few bits’ earrings, for when you’re in get. it. done. mode. Put those on and you’re sure to demolish that mile-long to-do list in no time.

The ‘go tobann’ earrings, giving you all the inspiration you’ll need for your next Irish essay.

The ‘ban garda’ earrings – an ode to all the fierce females fighting crime out there.

The ‘arty farty’ earrings. Works of art but for your ears – sure don’t your lovely ears deserve it.

The ‘cheese and onion’ studs. A bag of cheese and onion crisps may not be the best companion for a date but these certainly would be.

And of course the classic ‘junior infants’ earrings. They’re far chicer than anything I ever conjured up in arts and crafts.

Support your own and look stylish doing it.

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