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17th Dec 2017

This Mega Popular Face Mask Is Actually Well Worth The Splurge


After basically ignoring the fact that my skin was a vital organ for years, hitting my mid-twenties (yes I know, still young but it feels old – shoot me), has made me suddenly panic about my face. 

Prevention is better than cure, “they” say, so lately I’ve been on a mad search for some new holy grail products to add to my collection. 

I’d been eyeing up the lustworthy Glamglow masks for AGES – they’re renowned for their cult status as making even the dullest of skins radiant, and come in a heap of different varieties, ranging from hydrating to super deep pore cleansing. 

The real reason why everyone is obsessed with them (there’s almost half a million posts on Instagram tagged with #glamglow) is the fact that most of the masks have an insane metallic finish, in colours like purple, silver and blue. 

I treated myself to a limited edition of the ‘Gravitymud™ Power Rangers Exclusive’ peel-off mask on a recent trip to  Sephora…

It’s about €30 for 30g, which seems extortionate (the regular masks come in at around €50 for 50g), but after just one use I was already hooked.

The gold Power Rangers mask is an out-of-this-world instant tightening and firming treatment, and is just a fancy new coloured version of the GravityMud Firming Treatment mask, which contains Marine Algae Plasma to tighten and brighten the skin. 

It’s literally like liquid gold 


The Power Rangers packet also included a little sample of the regular GravityMud Firming Treatment, which changes from white to a shimmering chrome once on your face. 

It’s recommended you apply with a brush, but I just splooshed it on my face with my fingers and it still applied perfectly even. 

Just LOOK how thrilled I am with my metallic silver face:


Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then slowly peel upwards from your chin, rinsing off any excess mask with warm water.

Did I notice a difference? Right from the get go, 100%. My make up went on flawlessly after just one use of the mask, and my skin felt plumper. 

I’ve since used it three times and it’s all used up, coming in at around a tenner per use. Considering it’s as close to a professional facial as you can get at home, I reckon it’s well worth it. 

My skin has never looked so good, and the full sized GlamGlow mask has gone straight onto my Christmas wishlist.

You can get GlamGlow in Debenhams, Boots, and Arnotts.

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