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01st Nov 2017

Wearing This One Item Should Help To Make You More Productive In Work


Apparently wearing your cosy slippers to work will make you that little bit more productive in work.

A study was carried out by a UK slipper company, Shoegarden and claimed that if you wear your slippers into your workplace, you can actually get more work done.

While many of us dress up in formal office attire for work, the last thing we would think of wearing is a pair of slippers.

Shoegarden said that wearing your slippers will also help to boost your mood in work.

Speaking to The Sun, a spokesperson said, “It is now increasingly acceptable to dress in an off duty, effortless style. We feel employees should work in comfort.

“We have found this to be tremendously beneficial for our workplace performance.”

Slippers would be comfy in work, but we don’t know if we can see ourselves wearing them out and about.

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