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24th Oct 2018

PICS: This Is The Gift That Should Be On Everyone’s Christmas Wish List This Year

Darragh Berry

Have you started buying for Christmas yet?

Actually, let’s rephrase that, have you started thinking about your Christmas presents yet.

If the answer to both of those is no, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET A MOVE ON.

But if you are stuck for ideas or people keep asking you what you want but you’re not sure, then look no further.

Fitbit has launched the ‘Charge 3’ which is “Fitbit’s Number One Fitness Tracker, Now Better Than Ever”.

There’s so many unreal aspects to this product but the one that stands out immediately is the 7 day life battery.


You’d sell your mother to get a day’s life battery on your mobile device.

As well as this, Sleep Score will help users understand sleep better and the Charge 3 gives you all the essential smart features to help you stay connected to what matters most.

They listened to customer feedback too and introduced the premium swimproof design (to 50m) with a touchscreen display.


Fitbit’s Charge family of products is the most popular of Fitbit’s lineup, with 35 million devices sold to date.

Charge 3 is “crafted from premium, lightweight materials, including an aerospace grade aluminum case and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display for a slimmer, modern silhouette, increased durability and more comfortable fit for men and women.

“To complement the elevated hardware, the interactive software experience was redesigned to more deeply engage and motivate users to reach their goals each day.

“The high-resolution touchscreen display brilliantly showcases crisp, grayscale graphics with new playful animations and expressive graphics which surprise and delight, creating fun moments to help you celebrate milestones and stay focused on hitting your next goal.”

Fitbit Charge 3 3 Qtr Core Black Graphite Clock Default Shadow
Fitbit Charge 3 3 Qtr Sports Scarlet Rose Gold Cardio Shadow
Fitbit Charge 3 3 Qtr Woven Charcoal Graphite Call Notification 2 Shadow

It also has a pretty unique feature for women under its Female Health Tracking. They aim to “gain a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle by using the Fitbit app to log your period and ovulation.

You can get information at a glance while also being able to reply to text messages and answer calls on the Charge 3 and you can even leave your wallet at home and use Charge 3 Special Edition devices to make easy and secure payments with Fitbit Pay contactless payments; supported by more than 100 financial institutions in 18 countries.

It’s everything you could possibly need, all attached to your wrist and it’s the ideal gift that should be on everyone’s wish list this Christmas.

Charge 3 is available on and selected online retailers tomorrow for €149.95 in black with a graphite aluminum case or blue gray with a rose gold aluminum case; accessories range from €29.95-€69.95.

The Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition with Fitbit Pay, which is coming soon, will be available for €169.95.

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