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18th Nov 2021

Give your little ones a bit of Christmas magic with these Santa letters!

Katy Thornton

There’s possibly nothing more exciting for a child than receiving a letter from Santa Claus.

We all remember how exciting the lead up to Christmas was when we were kids (and largely still is). One of the best parts of it was writing our Santy lists and sending them off. But what could be better than actually receiving a letter back from the big man himself? From Santa’s Desk aims to bring that Christmas magic into your home.

One personalised Santa Letter costs €7.99, while two costs €12.99. All letters are written on Santa’s magic paper, and enclosed in a wax sealed envelope, sent directly from the North Pole! Your little ones can even write back to Santa and include their wishlist for Christmas. Don’t worry about it getting lost in the post; Santa will also send a pre printed envelope.

Christmas is only 37 days away and Santa is a busy guy, so make sure you get onto him fast!

Header image via Instagram/fromsantasdesk

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