Graham Norton grateful to West Cork locals for support of secret wedding

By Katy Thornton

September 26, 2022 at 5:27pm


A real life Hannah Montana movie moment.


Graham Norton tied the knot at Bantry House in West Cork back in July in a somewhat secret ceremony. There were limited details about his nuptials until after the fact.

While in conversation with Australian talk show The Project, Norton revealed how grateful he was that the West Cork locals kept the wedding a secret. He said this of the weekend:

"It was a big party in West Cork, the people were really supportive and kept it all a big secret.

"But people got excited about who might be there, and at one stage there was a 'sighting' in the local supermarket of Adele without makeup."


Norton married Scottish filmmaker Jonathan McLeod, after keeping their relationship out of the spotlight. Bantry House was closed off to locals on the day and there were approximately 120 guests in attendance.

While we're sure he needs no introduction, Graham Norton is a television presenter and author. His fourth novel Forever Home launches in Ireland this month. His first novel Holding aired as a television series this year, starring a host of familiar faces including Siobhan McSweeney (Derry Girls), Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones), and Pauline McLynn (Father Ted).

Header image via Instagram/grahnort

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