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31st Mar 2021

Handy website shows how far 20km will take you under new travel rules

James Fenton

Sorry, 5km limit. It’s not you, it’s us. And 20km just offers so much more for our wellbeing.

Yesterday, it was announced that the 5km limit will be done away with on April 12, to be replaced by *drumroll* ‘travel within your county or within 20km of your home if crossing county boundaries’, according to official guidance on

This, of course, opens up a whole world of opportunities as we get to check out amenities that have solely resided in our memory banks in recent months. It also means that we can adjust the settings on the handy online tool we’ve raved about since Covid-19 restrictions were first introduced. If you’re not aware, it was created by software developer Dave Bolger all the way back on March 28, 2020 and over half a million people used the tool in just one day after stringent ‘2km from home rules’ were announced.

All you have to do is place a pin at your home address and the site will show you the radius of your 20km. This distance can be adjusted if we ever need it again for any other reason (hopefully not Covid-19 restrictions-related). You can also add multiple pins if you want to see if your radius overlaps with that of a friend.

You can have a fiddle about via this link so that you’re ready for when the new rules come into place on April 12. Find out more about the latest restrictions here.

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