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The Average Amount Of Times “Unhappy” Couples Have Sex In a Month

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Sorry to tell you this, but getting married really changes your sex life.

Psychotherapist M Gary Neuman conducted research on a mixture of 400 happily and unhappily married women to determine just how much sex was normal once you’ve tied the knot.

Neuman found that those unhappy in their marriage tended to have sex three to four times a month, while the happily married had sex on average 11 times a month.

Talking to Business Insider, the psychotherapist revealed that marriages tend to exit the rosy period somewhere after two years of being together, when the relationship can become stale due to communication becoming largely about dealing with obligations.

Gary said:

“You’ve got about a two-year period where things are gonna be great. But once you hit that two-year-mark, like most things in life, we’ve got to start working or else things get stale.

‘Think about when you were dating…. You were probably thinking about interesting topics to share. But once we get married, it’s becomes about ‘have-tos’.

‘It’s the mortgage payment or the rent. It’s the kids are vomiting.’

‘All of a sudden we start to share our lives mainly about these obligations, and that just doesn’t lend itself towards happiness.’

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