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04th Dec 2017

Here’s How To Find Out If Someone’s Blocked You On Facebook


There are many reasons someone might block you on Facebook. 

Maybe you broke their heart and it’s too painful for them to see pictures of you, or you’ve had a falling out and they don’t want to associate with you any more.

Or maybe you’re just a general pain in the arse. 

Either way, there’s a way to find out if you’ve been given the digital cold shoulder. 

First of all, try searching for that person’s name on Facebook. 

If nothing comes up, that’s often a bad sign, but ask a mutual friend to check if they can find them. 

If they can, the person hasn’t just deleted their account – you’ve been blacklisted. 

You now won’t be able to view that person’s profile, send them a message, or see any of their comments on Facebook. 


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