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01st Nov 2018

How To Recycle Or Dispose Of Your Pumpkin Properly This Year


Now that Halloween is over for another year, you may be wondering what to do with your pumpkin.

Please don’t chuck it in the bin – we’re up the environmental shit creek as it is.

Be sound and get rid of it in an eco-friendly manner.

According to Recycle Nation, there are five great ways to get rid of your puimcín.

Check ’em out below

1. Compost Bin

Pretty self-explanatory, but just make sure to take out any candles and remove any added decoration.

2. Feed Animals.

Birds love pumpkin seeds so you can add them to your feeder or sprinkle them on the ground. Deer love pumpkins too, so cut up your pumpkin and spread it out over your garden (if you live near them, of course). Make sure it’s far enough away from your house so they’re comfortable enough to approach.

3. Turn Pumpkins Into Planters

Get another use out of your pumpkins by turning them into a flower or plant pot. If you have cut out a face on your pumpkin, you can line it burlap or newspaper to make sure the soil doesn’t fall out.

4. Bury It

Dig small shallow holes in your garden and place small pieces of pumpkin in the hole. Cover and let nature take its course! It will soon decompose and enrich the soil for the rest of your flowers and plants.

5. Eat It

If it hasn’t started to decay, then your pumpkin is still perfectly edible to eat. You can even eat the skin!

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