Influencer kicks off after man interrupts her livestream by sitting on public park bench

By Jack Peat

March 1, 2023 at 10:47am


'My followers, I know, will not want to see you'

An influencer kicked up a stink after a man interrupted her livestream by sitting on a bench in a public park.

Footage posted on Twitter account No Context Brits shows the woman approaching the stranger after he took a load off by the side of a path.

The ordeal feels like a set-up straight out of a sitcom, and the man certainly plays up to the Larry David-type persona.

The encounter begins with the fitness influencer explaining to her followers a little bit about her morning run when a man enters the shot and plonks himself down right behind her.

Startled by his daring move, she decides to confront him about his choice of bench.


"Excuse me. I'm just filming, are you alright to go to another park bench?", she says.

To which the man responds - in the most perfectly short and sweet way - "And?"

Unperturbed, she asks him to move again, to which he told her to move the camera instead.

After a good few minutes of awkward back and forth, the man had some - quite frankly - hilarious one-liners.

"You're going to be online now for everyone to see you," the influencer explained.


"I don't care at all", he shot back.

"Look, if you don't like the answer, don't ask the question," he went on.

The two carried on some more - neither clearly backing down from the argument.

"My followers, I know, will not want to see you," she explains.

The man then hits back with: "Your followers? Oh so are you Jesus now?"


The odd encounter - which has amassed over 21,400,000 views on Twitter. Watch it in full below:

This article originally appeared on JOE UK 

Header image via Twitter/NoContextBrits

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