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10th Dec 2020

Ireland named the most generous country in the world and six counties are particularly charitable

James Fenton

Ireland has been named as the most generous country in the world in a new report marking 10 years of GoFundMe.

The fundraising platform has released a series of statistics and Ireland is placed on top in a list of most generous countries per capita. The country is followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in the top five. Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Denmark are next.

Within Ireland, Galway is named as the most generous city followed by Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford. Throughout 2020, 40% of donors in Ireland made more than one donation and the most popular date to donate was April 21 when over 25,000 donations were made.

Derry came out on top in the list of most generous cities in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, followed by Cambridge and Edinburgh while Massachusetts was named as the most generous state in the US, followed by New York.

GoFundMe was set up in 2010 and opened its first international office in Dublin in 2016. You can read its new report in full via this link.

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