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22nd Dec 2021

Ireland’s favourite sweet tin has been revealed to settle the age old debate!

Katy Thornton

red tin of christmas chocolates

So what’s it gonna be? Roses? Celebrations? Quality Street? Each county weighs in on their favourite.

Since the dawn of time (well, the dawn of Christmas chocolate) families and friends have partook in the debate of which was the ultimate sweet tin. People’s debating skills really come out to play when it comes to the battle between Roses and Heroes, Quality Street and Celebrations. My personal fave is definitely Celebrations, but here’s how each tin ranked according to this Aldi survey.

Image via Legacy Communications

The Results

I mean, I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so. Celebrations ranked in first place, followed closely by Heroes. Then came Quality Street, a valiant effort, followed by Cadbury’s Selection Box, and last but not least (but kind of least) was Roses.

Image via Legacy Communications

Celebrations got the votes from Dublin, Laois, Limerick, Down, and Cavan. Counties such as Wexford, Tipperary, Galway, and Leitrim overall opted for Heroes, while Quality Street got a fair share of votes from Kerry, Kildare, Roscommon, and Donegal. Cadbury’s Selection Box stole the hearts of the people of Wicklow, Offaly, Louth, Monaghan, Clare, and Cork, and finally Roses saw their main fans in Armagh, Antrim, Fermanagh, and Westmeath.

Ireland’s Favourite Sweet

Now for the nitty gritty. Ireland’s top five sweets are in too, and the results may shock you (well, number one is definitely my favourite, so perhaps not!).

Image via Legacy Communications

At number one is the Maltesers sweet out of Celebrations (the G.O.A.T), then Strawberry Delight from Quality Street (I am speechless at that), and then the Green Triangle from Quality Street (that’s more like it). In fourth comes Galaxy from Celebrations, and then Dairy Milk from Heroes.

So there you have it. The people of Ireland have spoken! And I mostly agree… except the Strawberry Delight thing. I would like to meet the people who voted for Strawberry Delight!

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