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04th Aug 2019

Irish Made: This Nifty Invention Is A Godsend For Dog Owners

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

One of the most inconvenient things for long walks with a dog is finding a way to keep your furry friend hydrated, especially in this heat.

You end up pouring half your bottle of water out trying to get 20% of it near their tongue or wandering around aimlessly looking for a dog-friendly café that has a water bowl, the latter is obviously not an option when you’re hiking up mountains or along beaches.

Thankfully, an Irish company has come up with a brilliant invention to tackle just this.

Say hello to Paw Pool!

PawPool provides a thirst-quenching drink for dogs when they are away from their water source at home. The PawPool is instant hydration in the palm of your hand.

No leaks, no mess, no fuss, lightweight and easy to carry.

The Pawpool 350ml provides water for up to 2 hours for small dogs and the Pawpool 550ml provides water for big dogs for 2 hours.

They come in three different colours, white, pink and blue and they’re super easy to use and carry along with you on your walk.

The way it works is that you fill it with your tap water at home. When it’s time for your doggo to have a drink you simply press a button and water comes out and fills in the circular top – the ideal handheld mini bowl for your dog.

If they don’t finish the water, it travels back into the bottle for the next time around.

Prices start at €14.99 and you can buy them online here.  

This is a gamechanger for dog owners!