Jennifer Aniston Admits She Hated The One Thing About 'Friends' That Everyone Else Loved

By Darragh Berry

October 23, 2018 at 2:15pm


We were very sad to hear last week that the end of Friends might be night on Netflix as the streaming service could be set to release the show to another company.

There is a plethora of reasons why we fell in love with Friends all those years ago and are still obsessed with it.

But it turns out that Jennifer Aniston hated one of the main reasons that made not only her character Rachel, but Friends itself, an absolute powerhouse.

Aniston was speaking about her famous 'look' especially 'the Rachel' hair which was created by Chris McMillian who won hairstylist of the year at the InStyle Awards.

She wasn't a fan describing the look as a "frizzy mop".


"The amount of photo shoots, films, and commercials. Everyone, about 70 or 90 per cent – if not all of the crew – will leave with a McMillan haircut.

"It doesn’t matter if you wanted it or not. You leave, you feel beautiful, you feel sexy you feel alive.

"Then you feel screwed, because nobody has the ability to actually do what Chris did to this haircut.

"I used to call it 'The Rachel' hair, because I got that haircut, that was like, 'Wow this is amazing,' and then I was totally left with this frizzy mop on my head, because I had no idea how to do what he did. Nobody seems to know how to do what Chris does."

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