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26th Nov 2021

Lidl now offering €2.99 antigen tests

Fiona Frawley

The antigen price wars have begun.

Taking regular antigen tests is beginning to become part of daily life, with many of us looking for the most affordable option to ensure we always have a few in the drawer just in case. Yesterday, Mr. Price announced they’d be selling tests for just €1.99, and Lidl have now confirmed they’ll have tests available for less than €3.

From Saturday 27th November Lidl will be offering single antigen tests for €2.99 each across all Lidl stores.
Lidl were the first food retailer to bring these to the market back in April 2021 and now say they’re “delighted to be able to offer single antigen tests for less than €3, the cheapest test approved for use on the market”.
Lidl also say they’re “a strong supporter of antigen testing in the fight against COVID-19”, and have offered their employees free weekly antigen tests in an effort to keep their frontline teams safe.
Tests will be available to purchase from the tills, for anyone looking to add a few to their weekly shop.
Header image via Shutterstock