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05th Jul 2021

Looking for a new creative outlet? This calligraphy course could be for you

Fiona Frawley

Over the past year or so of being at home, many of us have decided to take the time to connect with our inner artiste.

And if you’ve completed every adult colouring book available or knitted enough jumpers and socks to clothe an entire junior infants class, then this new workshop could be right up your street!

Marie-Claire Whelan is a Dublin based calligrapher who creates carefully crafted pieces for brands, weddings, gifts and more. In her new online workshop she’ll share her passion for the craft with beginners, and it sounds like a fairly dreamy experience:

“I am a self-taught calligrapher and adore the simplicity of putting pen to paper. Discover how the slow, soothing movement across the page can bring a sense of calm and quiet, as you indulge in some ‘me time’ and create something beautiful.”

Who among us doesn’t need a bitta calm and quiet? The course costs €70 which includes a calligraphy kit, and the next one kicks off on Saturday the 17th of July. If you’re interested in making your own invitations for a wedding or special event, personalised cards or a wall print with your favourite quote, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Header image via Instagram/Calligraphy by MCW

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