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30th Dec 2017

Looking To Lose Weight Quick After Christmas? This Tummy Patch Could Be Your Answer

Darragh Berry

Is the waistline feeling it after a heavy Christmas of eating shite and drinking alcohol like it’s water?

Give me a paddle because we’re all in the same canoe let me tell you that.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that scientists in Singapore may have just found the secret to rapid weight loss.

A tiny tummy patch, they found, managed to slash body fat by 30% in less than a month without doing any exercise.

The patch has hundreds of microneedles which are smaller than a human hair and this patch gradually supplies a dose of two weight-loss drugs.

The drugs transform white fat into brown fat meaning it can be burned away and used as energy.

The patch has been tested on animals but the scientists want to move it on to human experimentation as quickly as possible.

They believe that the drug – which costs less than €3 to make – could help those who struggle to lose weight without having to resort to surgery.

“What we aim to develop is a painless patch that everyone could use easily, which is unobtrusive and yet affordable,” said Professor Chen Peng who is part of the study.

“Most importantly, our solution aims to use a person’s own body fats to burn more energy, which is a natural process in babies.”

You can read the full research article here.