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10th Oct 2018

PICS: Mel Gibson Lost 14kg in Eight Weeks While Using This Tasty Diet Plan

Darragh Berry

Thinking about going on a diet makes us scream just as loud as Homer Simpsons when who’d rather ‘die’ than go on a ‘diet.

That’s because you think it’ll be going along the lines of eating absolutely nothing for days on end and exercising like a professional athlete.

But Mel Gibson’s newest diet plan has seen him lose 14kg in just eight weeks and in fairness, it doesn’t look like the worst food in the world.

Gibson didn’t want to lose weight for an upcoming role, nope. He was just fed up of having a belly and met up with Samantha Jackson who is a body coach.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Jackson said she told Gibson that if he gave her eight weeks, he’d lose the belly no problem.

I wrote him a meal plan, and an exercise program,” which saw the actor lose 14kg and 27cm from his waistline.

Gibson was very happy with his results too:

“My clothes fit, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, I sleep better. Basically you’re eating more often, but better. At least I fit in the mirror.”

This is the meal plan that he prescribed and it actually looks fairly delicious:

BREAKFAST: (Within an hour of waking)

Omelette with tomatoes and capsicum.

SNACK 1: (Three hours later)

Zen Fuze Protein Shake.

LUNCH: (Three hours later)

Chicken with asparagus, broccoli and green beans and sweet potato.

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SNACK 2: (Three hours later)

Zen Fuze Protein Shake.

DINNER: (Three hours later)

Grilled salmon with small baked potato and garden salad.

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