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14th Feb 2018

These Are The Names Of People Most Likely To Get Engaged This Valentines According to Science

Darragh Berry

The Sun has revealed the 20 names (boys and girls) of people who will get married this Valentine’s Day and the method to their madness actually makes sense.

The survey calculated the average age of brides and grooms to tie the knot and then found the most common names from the year that they were born.

So, these are the 40 names that they came out with. 

The girls that will get married this Valentine’s Day are:

1. Sarah
2. Laura
3. Gemma
4. Emma
5. Rebecca
6. Claire
7. Victoria
8. Samantha
9. Rachel
10. Amy
11. Jennifer
12. Nicola
13. Katie
14. Lisa
15. Kelly
16. Natalie
17. Louise
18. Michelle
19. Hayley
20. Hannah

The men who will get down on one knee are: 

  1. Christopher
  2.  James
  3. David
  4. Daniel
  5. Michael
  6. Matthew
  7. Andrew
  8. Richard
  9. Paul
  10. Mark
  11. Thomas
  12. Adam
  13. Robert
  14. John
  15. Lee
  16. Benjamin
  17. Steven
  18. Jonathan
  19. Craig
  20. Nicholas

Is your name on the list? If so, women, get excited and men, start sweating…

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