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19th Dec 2020

New study reveals Ireland has the second highest quality of life in the world

Rory Cashin

Neither the UK or the USA made the top ten in the list.

The United Nations have revealed the results of their Human Development Report for 2020, and it shows that Ireland currently has the second highest quality of life in the world.

This assessment is made by average life expectancy, education, and income.

In terms of life expectancy, the average Irish person can expect to live for 82.3 years, which makes for joint 15th in world. The highest life expectancy can be found in Hong Kong, where the average person can expect to live for 84.9 years.

Ireland ranks 8th in the world for average schooling years, expected to be 19.7 years. Belgium ranks top of this list, with an average of 19.8 years.

And in terms of average income, Ireland ranks 5th in the world, with Liechtenstein topping this list, thanks to an average gross national income of $131,032.

Overall, the high placement on each of these lists has brought Ireland up to second place in the entire world for quality of life, behind only Norway.

This sees a jump from 3rd place in 2019, 4th in 2018, and ranking near the end of the top ten back in 2012.

The full top ten of the Planetary pressured-adjusted United Nations Human Development Index for 2020 can be found here:

  1. Norway
  2. Ireland
  3. Switzerland
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Iceland
  6. Germany
  7. Sweden
  8. Australia
  9. Netherlands
  10. Denmark

Outside of the top ten on that list, the UK ranks at No.13, and the US comes in at No.17.

You can check out the full report right here.

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