New survey reveals the average cost of an Irish wedding

By James Fenton

January 30, 2020 at 3:37pm


It won't come as news to any married people, or indeed anyone planning to get married, that the cost of an Irish wedding can be pretty high.

Between the venue, the entertainment, the outfits and the gallons of wine you're apparently obligated to serve, it all adds up but fret not because has unveiled the results of a new survey that should give you a fair idea of the cost of an Irish wedding.

The survey used responses from 1,400 participants and took place throughout January 2020 meaning that it's about as up to date as you can get. There are plenty of nuggets of information that may serve as an eye-opener to some or bring on a sigh of relief for others, depending on their own estimates.

For example, the average budget for a wedding including a honeymoon is now €29,624 which is up from last year's result of €28,462. The average price for each guest is €73 so if you're humming and hawing over inviting that cousin you haven't seen in 15 years, don't feel too guilty about giving them the cold shoulder.

The largest portion of the bill seems to be spent on the venue, with the average cost of booking a place being €14,989. Hiring a band for the evening works out as €2,182 on average while a DJ will set you back €498.

Away from costs, the survey also revealed that the average age of a bride in Ireland is now 32 while grooms tend to tie the knot at the age of 34. Three bridesmaids and three groomsmen are par for the course while 162 is the average number of guests who are invited to the big day.


Perhaps the most important information of all relates to what newly-married couples would have done differently. According to the survey, these are the top answers:

  • “Save more in advance.”
  • “I would be more organised and have booked more suppliers. I took on too much DIY and now I am panicking.”
  • “Not cared what other people think!”
  • “Enjoy the process more, I only plan to do this the one time!”
  • “I would have gotten a videographer. Big mistake not having one.”
  • “Maybe eloped as my fiance’s mother is a nightmare and is causing loads of unnecessary stress.”

Whether you're getting married or you're just interested in seeing the cost of an Irish wedding, you can read the survey in greater detail here.