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24th Nov 2020

Only 14% of businesses plan on hosting a Christmas party this year (including Zoom parties)

Rory Cashin

A study reveals that up to 60% of businesses are planning on sending gifts in lieu of having a Christmas party.

While it is pretty far away from the most important thing in anyone’s lives right now, a lot of employees genuinely look forward to the office Christmas party, as a form of socialising and relaxation with their colleagues, as well as a small reward towards all of the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year.

2020 has been a harder year than most, but it does look like the tradition of the office Christmas party won’t be going ahead this year, as the results of two separate studies have discovered.

The folks at released their findings, stating that only 14% on companies still plan of having some sort of Christmas party this year: 9% will hold the party online, 3% are planning to host it in their offices with social distancing guidelines in place, and 2% are hoping to be able to hold it in a bar or restaurant, under governmental social distancing guidelines.

David Bell, managing director of The HR Department, told Newstalk the following about the idea of Zoom Christmas parties:

“It might sound to a lot of people cringey or awful… but there is some effort being made to maybe change it, so it’s around a theme. There is a bit of interaction, and the idea is everyone’s on at the same time.”

Meanwhile, a study by Musgrave MarketPlace found that 60% of small-to-medium enterprises in Ireland plan to send gifts to their employees this year in lieu of the annual Christmas party.

However, for any employees who don’t get a party or a present this year, don’t fret: 10% of businesses have stated they plan to hold a celebration once the COVID-19 restrictions have been completely lifted.

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