Orca Board: The Irish business helping with captive whale and dolphin rehabilitation by making paddle boards

By Brian Dillon

May 28, 2021 at 3:40pm


In a way, the past year has brought out the best in a lot of individuals as well as businesses. During the madness, many new businesses doing amazing things have popped up, and it's about time we give them the recognition they deserve. Orca Board is the Irish business selling paddleboards and by doing so, helping the rehabilitation efforts for captive whales and dolphins around the world.

Based in Dublin, Orca Board's mission from the start has been to design paddleboards that were versatile enough to be paddled anywhere in Ireland.

We Irish are known for our love of all things aquatic, whether that's a humble weekend dip, a spot of surfing or indeed, paddle boarding. With some of the most beautifully rugged coastlines and breathtaking sweeping beaches, this seems like a somewhat natural passion for many in the country. Promising the best in quality, design and innovation, Orca Board's aim is to make the sport accessible to everyone on the island.

Not only do they sell unreal paddleboards allowing us to take to the water, no matter what our level of experience, but they also have a good cause in mind. They explain "While we love introducing more and more people to the sport of paddleboarding, we are using profits to help in whale and dolphin conservation. This is something that is close to our hearts.

"There are more than 3,000 whales and dolphins in captivity around the world.


"In the EU, 14 countries hold whales and dolphins in captivity. There are 33 facilities using 307 whales and dolphins for human entertainment."

When you buy an Orca Board, 10% of profits are donated directly to our two charities: The Whale Sanctuary Project and The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

Additionally in 2020, through sales of their boards, Orca Board was able to donate $2,000 to The Whale Sanctuary Project in Nova Scotia, Canada.

As well as their paddleboards, Orca Board also sells another essential for sea swimmers, surfers and paddleboarders alike in the form of their Orca Robe, ideal for getting warm after jumping out of the sea.


If you want to find out more about their product as well as their mission to help in the rehabilitation of captive whales and dolphins, you can check out their website here.

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Header image via @orcaboard on Instagram.