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17th Nov 2017

Over Half Of Christmas Party Hook-Ups Turn Into Long-Term Relationships


If you fancy kissing someone you work with under the mistletoe at the Christmas office party this year, you could actually have a good chance of getting a relationship out of it.

With the party in full swing and a few mulled wines in you, you might just muster up the courage to get with the person you’ve had your eye on all year, and what you think was ‘just a shift’  may actually lead to a lot more.

A new survey has revealed that over half of those who hook-up at a Christmas party get into long, meaningful relationships afterwards.

The study conducted by Instantprint found that 53% of those who have a sneaky shift with someone at office party are more likely to end up dating them afterwards.

Out of 2,000 workers surveyed over half of those who kissed a work colleague ended up being in a long-term relationship with them – and a third of those are still together over a year later.

It is the season to be merry after all, so if you have your eye on someone special you may have someone to cuddle up with and watch Netflix over the festive period and well into the New Year.

Who knows.

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