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09th Nov 2017

Passengers Reveal What The Most Annoying Habits Are On A Plane


Being confined in a small space can make just about anything get on your nerves.

Airline passengers have shared the most annoying common habits when travelling on a plane in a new survey.

British Airways asked their travellers to share which etiquettes are acceptable and also the big no-nos. 

The survey revealed some interesting results including the fact that a staggering 59% said it was acceptable to remove your shoes during a flight – which may gross a lot of people out.

When it comes to taking off your socks it seems to be a big no-no with 87% saying it is completely unacceptable.

67% of those surveyed said it was proper etiquette to take up only one armrest and leave the other free for the person sitting beside you – so if you hog the two, you may want to think again.

The biggest issue was questioning whether it is alright to wake your neighbour up if they are asleep in order to get out to go to the toilet.

80% believe it is ok to wake the person next to you if you want to get out, while 33% said it was no problem to just climb over them and that you shouldn’t disturb them.

You can see some of the other results below in this handy chart:


(image: British Airways)

What do you think of these common habits – do you agree with any of them?

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