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20th Dec 2017

People Have Noticed a Strange Phenomenon About Irish Christmas Lights

Megan Cassidy

In Ireland, we’re pretty aware of those *unique* behaviours that set us apart from other nations. (Eg. Grown adults cancelling all their Friday night plans to watch a show about toys).

But some of our quirks need to be pointed out to us by visitors before we even cop that what we’re doing isn’t ‘normal’. 

Prime example – bright blue Christmas lights. 

They’ve always been a part of the festive season, so much so that we don’t even notice them anymore. But apparently, our love of blue lights is unique to us. 

A perplexed Redditor posed the question, ‘what’s the craic with Ireland and blue Christmas lights?’ and sparked a massive discussion on the topic. 

The full post, by MaigeTuired, reads: 

‘Lads, what’s the craic with Ireland and blue Christmas lights? Not some pale blue icy colour, but that full on flashing lights at a Garda checkpoint blue. They don’t feel much like Christmas to me at all at all!

‘I don’t remember ever seeing them anywhere else. Not in the states or places I visited in Europe.

‘Maybe they’re a more recent thing too?’ 

There are numerous theories as to why we like to turn the air blue. 

One user wrote: 

‘The story I heard was that when LEDs initially became popular the blue light ones were the cheapest – so that’s why we’re currently stuck with this ugly reality.

‘I’ve also heard people say it’s because ‘White lights are too Christmas specific’ hence blue was chosen to ‘not offend’ people which I reckon is as bullshit as it sounds.’

Another agreed: ‘Someone in my office was saying it’s because they were cheaper alright, still not 100% convinced that explains the phenomena though.’ 

Redditors are generally agreed that blue is not an acceptable Christmas light hue. 

rapmachinenodiggidy wrote: ‘they’re horrific. f*ck anyone who employs them. all white bulbs or multicoloured are the only acceptable choices. and fuck LED and flashing lights, bulbs only.’ 

Had you copped this? 

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