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20th Sep 2018

PIC: New Graph By Lyons Shows How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea In Every County

Darragh Berry

The great debate spills on.

Tea is not like Guinness. With Guinness, you tilt the glass at around 45 degrees, slowly bring it up straight, leave it to settle and top it off.

Job done.

But tea has so many different variables that it actually leads to arguments.

Do you scald the cup before you pour the tea? Are you a teabag person or do you use a teapot? Teabag in or out for the duration of the sippage?

Lyons or Barry?


But most of all, how much milk?

Are you a splasher or are you more of a ‘keep going til I tell you when’ kind of pourer.

Lyons surveyed 1,001 people and found that the distance between weakest and strongest across Ireland is insane.

Top of the list is Sligo with 7.5 while Carlow is actually so milky you can barely see it on the map at 3.6.

Lyons Tea Scale

Image credit: The Irish Mirror

Most of the people in the south can breathe a sigh of relief as they make what Lyons consider an average cup of tea.

People in the west are drinking tar/turf/ something that resembles a piece of coal.

As for Carlow, why even bother with the tea bags? Just boil the kettle, add milk and you’re there.

Save yourselves a couple of euro each week.

Tell us how you like yours, good people. Personally I’d be in the 4-5 bracket.

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