This Huge Hot Water Bottle Is Perfect For The Person Who Is Always Cold

The choice between heating your feet or chest is over

Large Hot Water Bottle Cold Couple

Calling all people who are constantly cold, these massive hot water bottles are the answer to your prayers.

Hot water bottles have long been a friend to people with cold hands and warm hearts, but alas, the handy little sources of heat have one massive failing - you have to choose which part of your body gets to be toasty because they're so small.

If you choose your top half then you run the risk of your toes falling off..literally.

And if you choose to keep your toes warm, the rest of the body has to battle the chill.

It's a lose-lose situation.

Behold the Yuyu bottle - these wondrous inventions will keep your entire body nice and toasty, like a panini.

Hot Water Bottles Large

The beautiful creations are from Amara and come in various colours and materials.

The long and supple bodies of Yuyu Bottles can be wrapped around the neck or abdomen for a cosy and relaxing experience.

Covered in the finest of fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool, the bottles are made from Sri Lankan rubber.

These bottles are optimal in length and heat, due to the air bubbles along the surface which are better equipped to trap heat than classic hot water bottles.

While you still may need this heated jacket for when you go outside, these hot water bottles are ideal for when you're at home, in work or travelling.

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