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15th Jan 2019

Prowling Is A Cruel New Dating Trend That Is Much Worse Than It Sounds

Darragh Berry

You thought because it was a new year that there’d be no more crazy dating trends?

Oh no, not on your nelly.

A wide new range of dating trends have crept out of the woodwork recently and while their names seem harmless, they have the potential to ruin a really good relationship.

The latest dating trend on the cards is called ‘Prowling’. You might be familiar with this word in terms of someone going ‘out on the prowl’ on a night out.

If you’re out on the prowl, it means you’re looking for the shift or possibly more and that is the main mission of your night.

But ‘Prowling’ in dating terms is much more hurtful than a careless shift.

This trend describes how some romantic interests float in and out of your life at will just because they feel like it.

Much like the Katy Perry song, they’re hot and they’re cold, they’re yes and they’re no, they’re in and they’re out and they’re up and they’re down.

It happens more frequently than ghosting and these people are in your life to solely waste your time and treat your feelings like a yo-yo.

It’s just a game for them to play when they’re waiting in the queue for their coffee or they’re outside having a cigarette break.

“They don’t not like you, it’s just that, you’re not who they see themselves ending up with forever. So, for the time being, you’ll do.”


Are you a prowler or a prowlee? Let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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