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15th Jan 2018

Researchers Have Discovered The Most Common Reason Why People Cheat

Darragh Berry

Researchers claimed to have found some of the main reasons why people cheat on their partners and the top reason was not one that we would have guessed in a hurry.

The findings – which were published in the The Journal of Sex Research – found that often people cheat because they begin to feel a “lack of love” with their partner.

Some who cheat say the fell out of love with or don’t feel loved by their partner and of the 495 adults that were surveyed, 77% felt like a lack of love was present in the relationship.

Around 74% just had a simple desire for the sexual partners who they cheated with, 70% felt neglected by their partner while 70% were also drunk or not thinking when the cheating occurred.

Over half cheated on their partners in order to raise their self-esteem, 43% cheated out of anger and over a third of those surveyed felt “unattached” and just wanted to have sex.

Authors of the study, Dylan Selterman, Justin R. Garcia, and Irene Tsapelas wrote, “Consistent with predictions, attachment insecurity was associated with motivations of anger, lack of love, neglect, low commitment, and esteem, while unrestricted sociosexual orientation was associated with sexual variety.”

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