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22nd Jul 2021

Richard Chambers has officially become Ireland’s agony aunt

Fiona Frawley

It’s safe to say we’re living in a permanent state of These Uncertain Times™, and need someone to guide us, to tell us how to live our lives.

Enter the holy trinity of Irish news: Zara King, Gavan Reilly and of course, Richard Chambers. When the people paid to run our country aren’t exactly always… on the ball, will we say, the responsibility falls on these three to answer every burning question the people of Ireland might have. And while Gavan’s off earning his stripes as a respected Love Island stan (check out his recent feature on Irish Love Island podcast My Pod on Paper, he knows his stuff), the onus is on RC to guide us through literally every inconvenience we encounter in life. He’s kinda like the Joe Duffy of Twitter, and here are some of our favourite questions he’s been asked:

This is need-to-know info for all of us, and the type of thing I just know Richie C has always dreamed of reporting on.

What are the St. Bridgid’s under 10’s going to do if they don’t get answers?

Please Richard, the people need to know.

For the sake of wives everywhere, let’s hope RC sees this tweet.

I’ve been looking to the answer for this one myself for quite some time.

And finally, a friendly reminder that we all could do with hearing:

Hope the poor lad gets a day off soon. It’s not easy answering the queries of every Karen in Ireland.

Header image via Twitter/Richard Chambers & Shutterstock

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