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This New Show On RTE Will Fill The ‘Room To Improve’ Hole In Your Life

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Ahh, Room To Improve. What soon became a Monday evening ritual with toilet Tweets and a (possible unnatural?) crush on Dermot Bannon ended all too quickly.

But fear not. There’s a new show on RTE One that’s stepping up the mark and we’re betting you’ll become just as obsessed. 

The Great House Revival is a six-part series on every Sunday at 9.30pm on RTÉ One, presented by architect extraordinaire Hugh Wallace who follows six homeowners who’ve taken on the task of a lifetime.  

All over Ireland, there are abandoned properties quite literally rotting to the ground.  Country estates, farmhouses, cottages, Georgian buildings – places that once buzzed with life lying empty and falling into disrepair.  

Budgets, deadlines and ambitions are all on the line as these property owners transform these derelict properties into comfortable modern homes fit for the 21st century. 

Watch buildings go from this…

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Filmed across two years, the series follows every aspect of these mammoth projects as the homes are restored to their former glory. 

From tiny derelict cottages with very limited budgets to a 110 room abandoned mansion, the show will explore almost every type of restoration and the challenges that come with it! 

This week’s episode focuses its attention on an old two room schoolhouse in Killygarry, Cavan. 

Ronan Fitzpatrick, with the support of fiance Mary Rahill, plan to convert the old two-room schoolhouse within a very short time frame as they plan to marry during the project. With a project cost of under €200,000 and a timeline of nine months, will this schoolhouse be transformed into a stunning family home in time?

Tellin’ ya. You’ll be hooked!

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