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03rd Aug 2021

Seal Rescue Ireland have issued advice as an Atlantic walrus has been spotted along the Irish coastline

Fiona Frawley

This young male walrus was spotted off the coast of Valentia Island in Kerry last year and after a long trip around Europe, he’s back in Irish waters.

This little guy is a protected species and a long way from his arctic home, and Seal Rescue Ireland have provided some helpful advice for what to do if you come across him.

  • Do not approach him. Observe from a distance of at least 300 metres and keep dogs on a lead.
  • Avoid attracting crowds by not publicly disclosing his location if you spot him.
  • If you do see him, you can contacts Seal Rescue Ireland’s hotline on 0871955393 so they can continue to track his movements and maintain a safe place for him to recover.

SRI have stressed that the walrus needs his rest as he continues on his long journey – they’re committed to keeping him safe and free from disturbance.

They reminded us that while it’s exciting to see an animal like this in Irish waters, these sightings are also a reminder of the current climate crisis on our planet. Sadly, this walruses natural habitat is diminishing rapidly, which is why he’s seeking refuge near our shores. So if you do see him, be sure to heed the advice of SRI, who definitely have his best interests at heart.

Header image via Instagram/Seal Rescue Ireland 

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