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27th May 2022

Set sail on a Tasting Cruise this summer on Carlingford Lough

Katy Thornton

Whether you’re into gin tasting, or a Ceilí on the lough, there’s a cruise for everyone.

This is very much giving us Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid’s wedding vibes from The Parent Trap. What could be seen as the more sophisticated version of a booze cruise, and I mean that in the best way possible, is this dining on water experience in Carlingford. This is the third year Carlingford Lough Ferry is embarking on these glamorous tasting cruises, of which they have a total of 40 this summer.

tasting cruise carlingford lough

So what exactly will you be tasting on this Carlingford Lough cruise? They have a variety of cruise options; summer gin cruise, wine and cheese cruise, Guinness and oyster cruise, or a purely culinary cruise called the Tastes of Cooley Peninsula. There will also be live music so you can enjoy a jive or a Ceilí if the mood grabs you.

For each cruise, a shared table between two costs €90, which includes your ticket aboard, as well as many of bits you will try in your preferred tasting (e.g. for the Tastes of Cooley, this includes 4 tasting plates as well as 4 matching drinks).

A table for 4 costs €180, and you can add chairs from there if required.

The first Tasting Cruise on Carlingford Lough kicks off on the 3rd June. The cruises will run across the entirety of the summer months, only finishing up in September as the weather begins to turn colder. You can book your place HERE.

So if you’re heading to Carlingford this staycay season, make sure you book in a Tasting Cruise. Have your Parent Trap moment; I’m sure on request they’ll play “L-O-V-E” to get the mood exactly right.

Header image via Presence PR 

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