Sligo café to gift all the Paddys a free coffee on St. Patrick's Day

By Katy Thornton

March 15, 2022 at 3:54pm


This includes all the Pats, Patricks, Patricias...

Were you named after our Patron saint? Well, lucky you, because Baker Boys Sligo is celebrating St. Patrick's Day by gifting all the Paddys out there a free coffee. As long as you bring along some ID, all the Patricias, Pats, Patricks, Paddys are in for a free cuppa joe on our National Holiday.

Of the Paddy's Day offer, owners Jane and Myles Lamberth said this:

"We’re already excited to be open all through St Patrick's weekend! We’ve all missed the last 2 years so this year we’ve lost the run of ourselves and we’re offering all you Patricks and Patricias a free coffee on the big day."

Make sure you stop in before 3pm on the 17th March. Spread the word people, it's time to celebrate all the Paddys in our lives.


Header image via Instagram/bakerboyssligo

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