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26th Aug 2022

Slow Cabins launches ‘off grid cabin experiences’ at secret locations in Ireland

Fiona Frawley

eco-style cabin in a field with trees in the background

If you’re on the lookout for your next special staycation experience, read on.

Cabin rental start-up Slow Cabins is coming to Ireland, bringing with it a unique concept for those looking for an off-grid escape.

The company designs and places off-grid cabins at secluded secret locations in nature, all within a 2.5 hour drive of major European city hubs. The escape, designed for 1-2 people encourages full attention on living ‘the slow life’.

Also, a factor which might be of interest to those who are, like myself, riddled with indecisiveness – Slow Cabins chooses where you’re going.

The idea is, you book without knowing the exact location of the cabin, then the company take the ‘stress of the choice’ out of your hands. Within two weeks of the trip you’re provided with coordinates of the exact cabin location. Slow Cabins also advise that when you arrive, you’ll park a short distance away and hike to discover your cabin – so come prepared!

The cabins are “sustainable by necessity”, and powered by sunlight and water. When you arrive you’ll be provided with a charged battery and a full tank of filtered rainwater, allowing you to live simply and self-sufficiently and with minimal impact. The idea is to help sustain and improve a place through giving back to local biodiversity projects at a host site. Slow Cabins also provide tips on how to manage your energy during and after your stay.

There is strict quality criteria in identifying and selecting a site for cabins. This includes a thorough impact assessment to ensure they’re working with the environment rather than against it. There will also only ever be a few Slow Cabins at any given location, to ensures peacefulness and privacy for guests and respect for nature. Once there, guests will also receive all kinds of insider tips about the area to enjoy the locality as it is and should be.

If you’re interested in booking in for an ec0-friendly retreat surrounded by nature, you can do so HERE.

Header image via Slow Cabins 

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