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13th Mar 2020

Some fantastic creative challenges have been set up for those stuck at home

Darragh Murphy

Covid-19 at home

Hundreds of thousands of Irish people are coming to terms with staying at home amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the closure of schools, colleges, cultural institutions and childcare centres on Thursday as Ireland moved to the delay phase of its attempts to cope with coronavirus.

Social distancing measures have been implemented by many organisations while those who have the ability to work from home have been encouraged to do so.

While the appropriate steps are being taken to halt the spread of Covid-19 in this country, it’s inevitable that those who are now forced to stay at home will become restless or bored.

With that in mind, some social media users have been coming up with fantastically imaginative challenges in the hope of promoting the use of people’s creativity.

Cork-based artist, Will Sliney, intends to set children an art challenge each day while the emergency measures are in place and will share the kids’ drawings on his social media every evening.

Meanwhile, a writing challenge has been set up by Dave Hendrick for tweeters to tell a story around a daily theme in just 280 characters.

Children’s writer Sarah Webb is preparing to organise writing and creative games, as well as story prompts for families.

Poetry Ireland’s poet in residence, Catherine Ann Cullen, has challenged kids to write a poem about a magic hat.

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